the requisite biographical drivel


my name is will pattison, and i am a photo-holic. i have photographic attention deficit disorder, and as you’ll see if you bounce over to my blog, there are very few things i can resist making photographs of. i started out like a lot of folks who like to take pictures of the things they do. in my case, it was mostly motocross because i’ve been a dirtbike guy my whole life. i’ve spent – and still do – a lot of time at dusty motocross tracks racing and riding with my friends, and it was only natural that my photographic inclinations would soon bend that direction.

having said that, i wouldn’t really categorize myself as a motorcycle photographer or even a sports photographer, even though you’ll find my work in a magazine here and there. as you’ll see, i also shoot lots of pictures of people and the things they do, including getting married. would i classify myself as a wedding photographer? maybe, but what i really prefer is to think of myself as an “action photographer.”

for me, freezing a moment in time that tells a story is what photography is all about. the action may be moving fast, or slow. it could be a skater launching out of a half-pipe, or it might be what happens right after “you may kiss the bride.” it may be no more than the flicker of emotion in the face of a homeless man, or it may be the explosion of joy in the face of a child. regardless, it’s all part of a human story, and it’s the art of life.

the magic of technology enables us to capture those moments, but at the end of the day, a particular camera or lens is secondary to the vision of the person using it. for those interested, the images here were mostly made with canon digital equipment, with the occasional foray into weird film cameras..

anyhow, i hope you enjoy my photographic vision. these are the things i see and the stories i try to tell. what’s your story?