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  • what’s the dealio?

    ok, ok...i know.  according to wired magazine, blogs are "....sooooo 2006."  problem is, in 2006 photography was a part-time gig, and i just didn't have the bandwidth for blogging. so here i am, hopefully better late than never, with my very own weblog.  being late to the party is just the story of my life and that's how it is.  i don't jump into time sinks like this without having a goooood reason.  besides, i am a web idiot-boy, and producing a blog like this without some serious software crutches that were unavailable in 2006 would've been about as much fun as having my toenails yanked out one by one.

    anyhow, i'm a photographer, and this is a peek into the strange way i see the world.  i could put lots of the usual autobiographical stuff here, but i guess i'd rather you decide who i am by looking at the work.  if that doesn't interest you, then telling you about myself would just be...well...superfluous, don't you think?



day 1460

well, once again here it is july 10th and i’m faced with the annual chore of writing the obligatory anniversary blog post about recovering from a spinal cord injury. i feel no shame in saying that i just don’t want to do it. the last week has been physically demanding and emotionally intense. the goal […]

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win or die

i am possessed of what some people might call an unhealthy amount of competitive spirit. whether it actually is unhealthy or not is a matter of context, i suppose. i mean…it certainly can be. i all but quit playing words with friends because i would find myself, with seven letters left at the end of […]

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the big game

i think it must be true of all big moments in life that they never happen the way you imagine they will. i’m sure we all dreamed in anticipation about that first date…the big game…the championship race…combat… but, who among us can actually say that the event matched the vision? and so, in that same […]

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slow down to go faster

i find that one of life’s most difficult lessons has been learning to let the game come to me. i don’t consider myself a control freak, but i’ve definitely always been more about making things happen than letting them happen. i don’t know why i’m wired that way; it is what it is. when i […]

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