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game changer

will’s first post-injury blog entry: typed by carol i’m a little embarrassed to admit it but, i’ve been watching a lot of reality tv lately. in particular, i’ve taken a morbid interest in terell owen’s new show on vh1. it’s partly because i’ve grudgingly become a dallas cowboys fan over the last few years and […]

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October 31, 2010 - 10:18 am

Jake Ridenour Will,
I recently saw your video on Racer X. What you and Carol have gone through is something that most of us cannot relate to. Im a 30+ vet rider and have had numerous injuries recently so your story hits pretty close to home. I understand your in Indiana now. I live in extreme northeast IN. I just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your life experience and giving all of us “moto heads” a perspective on what we risk every time we ride.

Thanks again

January 12, 2011 - 9:33 am

Bonita 100 : 1/16/11 – Bonita, TX « Seat Time […] View the OFFICIAL FLYER. For information on Will's accident and recovery process, visit Will's Blog. […]

i love u pam

my life is complicated right now. carol and i are moving from dallas to indiana, and we did it by way of belgium, and at the moment i’m hanging out at my parent’s farm in new mexico. i know…confusing to me, too, but the fact is the movers can’t get our stuff out of dallas […]

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i’ll see your firth and raise you a forth

a long flight from bologna took us to another universe. where italy had been hot, brassy, and harsh in many ways, scotland was chilly, lush, and inviting. the air was clear, and so was our understanding – most of the time, anyway – of the inhabitants of this new world since we were finally in […]

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24 hours of venice 2.0

so if a meteorologist were to forecast my life, i imagine that terms like “whirlwind,” and “blowing through” would come up a lot. i just blew through about 10 days in texas and am back at my parents farm in new mexico. carol is into her first week of rockstar-dom at depuy, living out of […]

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